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New bluetooth headset not connecting

I have a a Dell Latitude E7450, running W7 Pro (64 bit). I recently bought an August EP650 bluetooth headset and tried to connect. It does not. It is recognised in 'Devices and printers' and drivers are installed and when I go to 'Sound' I can see it, but it is disconnected and nothing can make it connect. 

I searched the internet for 2 days and tried various things. I understand I have to go to 'Device and printers' -> right click and select 'Service' and click on 'Listen to music' or 'Forward VoIP to Handsfree'. I click on 'Listen to music' - nothing happens. No message, just nothing. I checked 'Properties' -> 'Services' and 'Headset' is selected as a Bluetooth Service. I tried everything suggested on forums.

I went to Dell drivers and could see a new bluetooth driver issued on 01.08.17. Downloaded and installed it. The fun started then as the headset would not install correctly, I hade like 15 issues with 'Bluetooth Peripheral Device'. Nothing I did installed the correct drivers for 'Bluetooth Peripheral Device'.

I gave up and called Dell, but they see it as a software issue (yeah! their software!!!) and want to charge me the earth for helping me with no guarantees.

I found the restore point and rolled back to before I installed the new drivers. Device manager is now not complaining, but still nothing works.

BTW - the headset connects to my mobile no problem. So nothing wrong with headset. Dell driver issue  or something...

Any suggestion would be very helpfull as I am going potty. Headset is only usable as wired, which defeats the object of the exercise.

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RE: New bluetooth headset not connecting


Did you PAIR the headset with the Computers Bluetooth?  Click the links below for troubleshooting and resolving bluetooth issues. Also, if needed you may want to update any drivers for your system.

Dell Latitude E7450 Drivers, Downloads and Manuals

Guide For Pairing and Troubleshooting Bluetooth Devices

Bluetooth Troubleshooting and Usage Guide

FAQs - Bluetooth

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RE: New bluetooth headset not connecting

Yes. I did try to pair the headset with the laptop. I have put both the laptop and the device into 'discoverable state', device has been recognised, driver loaded, device added, but it was forever disconnected.

When downloaded and installed the latest driver from Dell, it stopped working altogether, I had 7 different device manager warning for 'Bluetooth Peripheral Device'. I rolled system back and now it was recognised, but I could never connect.

I have tried all suggestions in the above links, but nothing worked.

Any ideas?