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No 144Hz on Monitor connected to TB16 with 9550


First question: Using the ASUS ROG PG279Q with TB16 and 9550 - No 144Hz possible via DP or Mini-DP. Everything fine till 120Hz but when switching to 144Hz the screens flickers like crazy. Unusable!

Tried until now:

- Drivers updated for Nvidia and Intel 

- All Drivers for TB16 installed 

- Tested on Mini-DP as well as DP of TB16

- Monior and same Cable work fine at 144Hz on Lenovo Laptop with integrated Intel Graphics

Any hints please?

Second question: Also, is it possible to force the NVidia Driver a different Refresh Rate when in use? So for example, in Desktop mode when doing office stuff I am fine with 100Hz whereas when I play and the NVidia kicks in I would want that to use 144Hz or even 165Hz

Thanks in advance

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