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No Booting up in Dell Studio 1558, Screen Test, DVD drive, fan, hdd working fine via sound.

When I tried to turn on the system Dell Studio 1558, I pressed the power button, the system is running with following conditions :

A. System is showing Black screen, Even not able to see Dell logo.

B. I got sound of DVD drive start up soundHard disk running sound.

C. Heat sync fan is running.

D. After running system for 5 to 10 minutes with above status, I pressed power button, system shuttled down immediate without any single second delay.

So based on above activity I came to know system was not able to boot.

I tried following steps to Fix the Problem :

A. Screen test by pressing “D + Power button” I got 7 colors displayed on screen. (So Screen is working properly)

B. Removing the CMOS Battery, that doesn’t worked, Still system not working.

C. Discharging the reserved cache power by pressing power button for 1 minute after removing the Battery and AC power charge adapter. that doesn’t worked.

D. Rmoved RAM and tried with single slot with different combinations. That doesn’t worked. Still system is not working.

How to fix the issue, where the issue should be located?

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