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No Break key on Studio Keyboard

I originally posted this tot the desktop forum and was told I should have posted to the laptop forum instead. So here it is
I have a Studio xps 16. It is missing a number of keys found on other Dell keyboards such as Pause, Break, ScrollLock, Numlock etc.

I am doing some software development on it and need to have a CTRL-Break combination to break into running code. On my Latitude the fn+Pause keys were the Break key so to get ctrl-Break I did CTRL+FN+PAUSE. 

There apparently is a registry entry that can be set to do scancode mappings

   Computer\HKEY_LOCALMACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout\Scancode Map


• The Pause/Break key cannot be remapped. This special key generates a 3-byte
scancode, but the Scancode Map registry entry only allows for the remapping of
2-byte scancodes.

I called Dell Tech Support and they said to buy and attach an external keyboard ( !?!? ).

Starting osk.exe and then holding down the CTRL and Fn keys and clicking PAUSE on the On-Screen Keyboard did the trick.

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