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No Power, No Lights lit up, Nothing. My Inspiron 3510 doesn't Switch On.

Hi guys,

My Dell Inspiron 3510 doesn't switch on anymore. It doesn't show up power lights lit up on it.

I don't know, what to do? When I asked Dell Service Stn in Mumbai, they said it will cost me about 15000 INR, because the entire motherboard / process will required to be replaced.

Its not evn 2 years, and the issue like no power rised. I enquired couple of my IT friends, and what they says is that, it goes in the scrap, and if I spend 15K INR on just to replace its internal board etc., rather, I will get a new one.

It has i5 processor, 4GB Ram, 15.6" display, 750 internal Hard disk, Windows 7-Ultimate. Whats the use of higher configuration, if all of a sudden issues such as no power arises.

Can someone reply ASAP with some cheap in cost suggestion please?


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