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No lights on Inspiron 7110

You don't usually get to drop a laptop a second time, but I did, and I'll have the opportunity to drop it a third time. (I'll try not to!!!!)

(FWIW, I merely slammed the lid on an Acer at school because of interminable problems and it wrecked the hard drive.)

So I appreciate Dell's construction of my laptop. I even managed to break off a plastic corner on the first drop, after which it booted immediately and thankfully.

But last night (drop #2) was scary. Battery had been ejected even though locked. No lights anywhere. Power cord had come loose, too. Replaced battery. No lights. Connected power cord. No lights.

Just like a few weeks ago after a blue screen. No drop; had installed driver for new USB thumb drive immediately before; I went away and came back to blue screen.

NOTHING I did that day would power it up until finally I (desperately) pushed the button in the upper right corner, the one whose label looks like a monitor with a diagonal line through it.

Immediately the power button light came on and my heart began beating again.

SAME THING happened last night after the drop.

WHAT DOES THAT BUTTON DO?? Or was it just a coincidence. Both times. If I push the other two (gears and wrench), I get settings and diagnostics. This one does nothing except wake up my laptop, probably not its intended purpse.

Back to Dell. Thank you for solid, shock-resistant construction. There's no way this machine should still be working. It fell from a height of 30 inches onto a thin-vinyl-tile-covered concrete floor last night. FIrst time it fell onto an asphalt driveway.

(... NOW... if I could only get reliable external USB drive performance... (This predates the first drop.) And if only I wouldn't be told I have no AC adapter every few weeks. (This happened the first week I had the laptop.))(Other than these two problems, I'm happy enough.)(Delighted, since it seems indestructible.)

BUT SERIOUSLY what is that button supposed to do?

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