No sound from TV when conneted to the laptop

After reinstalling windows 7 on my Dell XPS laptop, when it is connected to my LG TV, the TV speakers aren't detected. I have the graphics and video from TV but sound from laptop. The same laptop, TV and HDMI cable had no audio problems before the new windows installation.
I searched the forums and most answers talk about checking the Sound Playback list and making sure HDMI is not disabled or disconnected and to make it the default player. The problem is other than Realtek HD Audio there is no option available even in disabled list. It is not detected at all. I also updated audio drivers from Intel site directly to no change. Would appreciate your recommendations.
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Jim Coates
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RE: No sound from TV when conneted to the laptop

Hello. Please see the HDMI Audio FAQ.

If you need more help please give the full model name of your laptop and which operating system it has.

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