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None of the Dell drivers are working properly

I have had my current laptop (Dell Inspiron 15 3541) for almost a year now (somewhere around 11 months), and the biggest problem I've always had with it are the drivers. The hardware the it came with is decent for what I was using it for before, which was school, but the software, and I'm going to be blunt, is ***. I have consistently had moments where my Dell audio software, which I use very often to tweak my audio, would just flat out crash for no reason, and then never to be heard of again unless I restored my system to a previous time. Networking issues that are always off and on again, also the mouse drivers have been wonky no matter how many times I reinstall them, then just recently my bluetooth drivers just disappeared with the update to Win 10, and I've tried multiple times to uninstall & reinstall the drivers, but still no success so its just an all around mess.

I'm not sure what the issue is I don't know if its shoty driver development, or something wrong with my computer itself, but aside from the driver issues I haven't had much problems with other aspects of the computer. However, the tedious and irritating process of having to consistently reinstall drivers that should be working in the first place would easily make me rethink my purchase next time. 

I've contacted support on a few occasion to help me resolve some of these issue, but it seems no one has been competent enough, or had enough patients and attentiveness to help through getting this problem fixed. Everything people have suggested to me has not worked at all. I'm a little disappointed because I purchased a product expecting to take full advantage of what I paid for, but now a lot of those feature are going to waste, and I've essentially wasted money. I would really appreciate if someone could help me out with all of these issue, then that would really help sway my opinion back to how I felt when I first bought this computer.

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