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Not Satisfied with Replacement Laptop

3 years ago my Dell Inspiron 700M (12.1 inch monitor) died and they sent me a 640m with a 14 inch screen.  They no longer made a 12.1 inch Inspiron, but they did make an XPS 1210, but they couldn't upgrade me to an XPS.   So I bought the XPS 1210.   Recently it over heated and bubbled the paint on the bottom and partially burned the WIndows validation sticker.  So they sent me an XPS M1330. 

The reason I bough two 12.1 inch laptops is I want a smaller laptop and the XPS M1330 has a 13.3 inch screen and it is too large for me.  I called customer service and they basically told me that they no longer make a 12 inch screen in an Inspiron or XPS model.  They won't give me a Vostro or Alien model with the smaller screen.

The XPS M1330 has 4 GB of RAM and a decent hard drive, so that's not the issue.  I still want a smaller laptop.  Tonight the manager I spoke with told me that they gave me an upgrade and can't give me anything else.  I asked for his manager's name and he told me that he would not give it to me and he was the only manager I would be speaking with.  

Does anyone have any ideas about whether or not I should give up, or keep calling?

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Re: Not Satisfied with Replacement Laptop

Did you find out any way to get satisfaction for your exchange? I've a system (a desktop) they're promising to exchange, and I'm worried about what they might send. I'm trying to gather as much information as I can if it's not to my liking. I'd -like- to resolve it before it ships out, but since it's only been 3 days since they said I'd get it replaced, I have no idea what it might be, and no one in support can tell me anything other than to wait for the exchange department to get to it. Which makes sense, I guess. Just trying to get a head start on it.

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