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Not able to reinstall Windows Vista to Dell XPS M1530 using external USB or DVD

My Dell XPS M1530 was crashed and Hard disk formatted fully. Now booting windows 8 thru USB with minimal access. Mean able to access the System Restore, Reset, System image factory setup and Advanced options. when i tried with above options, due to hard disk full format not able to reset the OS. When i tried with advnced options->command prompt, able to access the HDD drive. Based on Disk Partition tool, partition done with C drive as 50 GB which out of 250 GB.

Since the original CD/DVD drive is not working, I had the external USB CD/DVD connected with my laptop. I tried to install the OS using below options

1. Booting from USB. Launched Command prompt using Advanced options. Connected external DVD drive with original vista OS. Tried to execute the SETUP.exe. Vista install screen launched with language selection. But after few minitues closed automatically.

2. Boot sequence option changed to CD/DVD using F12 key press. External DVD connected with original vista OS. But system not detecting and reading original OS Setup from external CD/DVD drive and displayed the operating system error message.

3. As system is reading from USB, tried to copy the orgiginal vista OS from DVD to USB. But system not allow to copy the files.

Please suggest how can i install OS from external CD/DVD drive or USB?

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