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Notepad cooler for XPS 15 9550

Hello, I have an XPS 15 9550. Sometimes, I use some programs that cause the computer to heat up a little bit, expecially the case in the lower part. Therefore, I would like to purchase a notepad cooler in order to help the laptop to cool when it needs. I don't know which one I should buy. Probably I should buy a notepad cooler that has fans in the lower part of the keyboard (not close to the screen) in order not to interfere with the fans of the computer. 

Does any of you have experienced a similar problem? Does any of you have bought a notepad cooler? Which one is the best?

Thank you


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RE: Notepad cooler for XPS 15 9550


I use a laptop cooler with fan. It does not interfere with the laptop fans. I just plug it into the usb port and it turns on. There are so many on the market to offer advice on one that works better than the others. You could possibly do a google search for coolers and read the reviews to help you choose.

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