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Number of USB devices exceeded

Hi all,

I have a XPS L421X OS Win 7. I have just changed from a USB2 Powered hub to a USB 3.0 Powered hub. I had on the USB2.0 Six Mobile phones (part of my job) and the drivers from the phones were fine. I had a few power issues, so changed to a higher power USB3.0 hub. I installed 5 mobiles fine, but the sixth one did not install and a pop up error appeared "You have exceeded the number of supported USB devices on the intel USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller"

Does anyone know how to get past this limit? Each Mobile has 2 x COM ,1 x Modem ,an ADB Interface and a Samsung Mobile USB CDC Composite device. (it is the CDC Composite device that does not load)



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RE: Number of USB devices exceeded

check the ratings for the USB 3.0 powered hub

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