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Nvidia 3D vision +WinDVD problems

I hadn't tried to watch a 3D blu ray in some time on my L702X.  (Maybe about a year or so).  When I put in the Guardians of the Galaxy 3D blu-ray I expected it to work without a hitch.  At first it popped up and told me that it could not detect a 3D capable display and I needed to insert the Disc into a player with a 3D display.  That was oddity #1.  I ejected the disc and went into the Nvidia control panel.  3D was enabled.  I ran the test program and the emitter light came on, the 3D test worked perfectly. 

I then loaded up the 3D game photos that came with the 3D vision installation.  They also worked, popping up just fine and they're in 3D. 

I then ran Corel WinDVD Pro.  I pushed the 3D button and the indicator in the top left said "3D On"  I put the disc in and it loaded this time!  Okay.  I put the glasses on.  The disc loads and it gets to the menu screen and even though 3D is blue on the WinDVD panel, the green emitter light is OFF.  I can toggle 3D on and off and the only thing that changes is the text moves slightly to the left or right.  I start the movie and still, the WinDVD panel says 3D, but the green emitter light is not on. 

I double checked the 3D settings in WinDVD.  Nvidia 3D vision is chosen as the display.  I changed some more WinDVD settings, this time forcing 3D on (instead of auto).  Still no luck. 

I guess my question is whether there any other program besides WinDVD for viewing 3D blu-rays on a computer?  I tried updating WinDVD and that didn't help.  No matter what I do, when the movie starts rolling the green emitter light stays off. 

it's frustrating that every demo and test works, but just playing movies doesn't.  I even had a MP4 video file that was in 3D that a friend gave me, and when you play it in 2D mode it looks like there are two split screens.  When you turn on the 3D in WinDVD it merges them into one file as it should, but they are still not in 3D!  (green emitter light remains off). 

Any ideas would be really helpful. 

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RE: Nvidia 3D vision +WinDVD problems

Hi there,

Your issue is very close to mine. I wonder whether you've found a solution. 


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