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Old dell inspiron 1750 and (linux and etc)

A while back i got a inspiron 1750  laptop as part of a school certification in rubyonrails.

This was 2010 or so.

The bummer is as i understood this was a 64bit laptop.. but the school wouldnt let dell put a vista64 on it.. only vista32) ..they also previously wouldnt give us Apple laptops.


Anyway,,  just to see if it would work,.. I put win10 on it.. (but of course its not licensed) ..
But i already have a tablet and a desktop both that are win10 (tablet is a surfacepro3 and desktop is a very new win7deskttop that was easy to go to win10.


Anyway, I have dvd for slackware and a dvd for mint18-cinnemon (spelling i know)

Im having problems with getting the built in wireless to work as it did previously.

In fact it worked win i had vista32 and a older linux .... dual boots usualy seem to make things work easier.

So I know linux will work on the laptop in a dualboot..      Any linux related advise as far as drivers??


.. im going to try the linux forum suggestions i have...

Im not going to buy a new laptop... my tablet is in fact has more ram and more power and more hd..   but  do figure on doubling the ram on the laptop..and maybe even chk into having a ssd in the laptop.. ?

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