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On board (Intel processor card) graphics card seems to be used rather than nVidia card


I work for a Virtual Reality company and have recently purchased a Dell XPS L502X Laptop with an nVidia 540M graphics card.  I would like to use this laptop as a backup rendering machine and i am able to do so to some extent.  I am able to output two different displays (one for each eye of a head-mounted-display) from both the HDMI and mini display port and am able to run my simulation at 30 frames per second.

The strange part is, that my nVidia control panel says the Intel card is powering one display and the nVidia the other.  Furthermore, when i am only using my laptop display, it claims i am using the on board Intel card as well.  I don't think this is possible because it is able to render a scene with over 2 million polys at 60 Hz in real-time.  


Could you confirm that either

A) i am receiving incorrect information from nVidia control panel and in fact my nVidia card is doing the rendering (when only using my laptop display and when connecting to two external "monitors")  or if this isn't the case and it is telling me the correct info then

B) please tell me how to force both monitors on the nVidia card and force my single laptop display to run the nVidia card as well.

Thank you in advance for your advice

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