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Oprimum setup for the secondary SSD


In my m7510 I have primary SSD installed on factory and that is PM951 NVMe. Perhaps due to specific of that drive SATA mode is set to RAID in the BIOS. Lated I have added extra SSD drive to the empty hdd bay, namely Sumsung 850 EVO. Samsung Magician software tells it operates in non-optimum conditions because of AHCI is not enabled. In other thread where I was asking about the way to switch to AHCI I was told to not do so. I have googled for NVMe benefits and it seems the suggestion was right, having NVMe one would not like to run it in AHCI.

However, the question open remains: is there any chance to make better operation condition (like AHCI) to the secondary drive, having primary one in its native mode?

Thanks in advance.

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RE: Oprimum setup for the secondary SSD

There's only one SATA controller - it cannot be set in different modes for different drives.  There are desktop systems where you can do this, but not on a notebook.

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