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Order canceled price increased.

Is it normal practice for Dell to cancel an order without reason than let one reorder for a higher price?

I ordered an expensive laptop Precision 5510 with a Xeon cpu, 32 GB of RAM, 512 GB SSD and the highest resolution touch screen. Price 3179 Euro no delivery cost.

Then the order get canceled and no reason is given. I call customer support and they say there is an undefined configuration problem, which I didn't get while ordering.
Customer rep. says sorry, but you must reorder online and this will not delay the order much.
 Alright I think this can happen and I'll just reorder online.

PROBLEM: The same configuration now costs 3266 euro and there is a delivery fee of 42 euro.

I see that the discount is now 30% instead of 40% and the delivery fee is no longer free. So I call customer support and they tell me that there is nothing they can do too bad. One can only order via the internet and the price is the price.

This is my third Dell laptop and I also bought a Dell server which may also need replacing.
 However if this is the way Dell treats it's customers I will not be buying Dell in the future. And I will strongly advice others to not buy Dell hardware.

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