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Overheating and lagging

Hi, i bought Alienware 17 one year ago and i had many problems with drivers and low performance... like audio, lagging...

But after few installed new drivers from Dell support my notebook has started overheating... i have reinstalled Windows and all drivers ... Problem is that if i playing better common games on high(ultra) settings my fps going is good about 25 for example but its low for those games but if im moving it starts lagging my CPU is about 95 C and GPU about 90 C  or more. If i change the settings i will be same on the same game with lower as possible i can, but its lagging same like before. I have tried it on SSD and HD0 but pointless.

I have all drivers up to date from every single manufacturer.

I have bought this notebook for a lot of money and if i see those problems with this Dell notebooks or other stuffs, I would bought cheaper for 300$ with same performance.

Help me resolve this problem or give me a tips what to do. Thanks.

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