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PC Checkup FAIL on Inspirion 1470

Good day...I have a one year old Dell Inspiron 1470 laptop, Windows 7 and 64 bit...In the past 2 months, every time I run the Dell PC Checkup the laptop fails overall due to 2 of the tests...The "Targeted Self test" & the "Smart Short Self test" both fail...I use Microsoft Security Essentials, never open unknown emails or attachments and it seems the fan starts to make noise after about 2 hours even though I use a pad under the laptop to keep it from overheating...I bought this Dell April of last year at the same time I bought my husband a Dell Inspiron 1575...His laptop PC Checkups pass, mine just give me an error message to back up my files and replace my hard drive...I also started to repeatedly get a message on my desktop that Windows Explorer needs to restart...PLEASE, help if possible and thank you kindly in advance...

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Re: PC Checkup FAIL on Inspirion 1470

What do the Dell diagnostics (F12 at powerup) reveal?

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