PC keeps crashing in need of dire help/advice

Hello all, my name is Raven and i own an XPS 15 L502x laptop which i've had for about 6 yrs. I hadn't had any problem out of it until 2016. After deleting a torrented game my laptop crashed and while it starts up 85% regularly, it often freezes 20 mins into operation when i'm trying to open a program, download something, etc. It freezes and then goes to a blue screen. I've ran the built in diagnostics test which says my memory is fine though on occasion i am met with "no hard drive detected".

I reached out to a local computer shop that said they think it is the hard drive and that i need to replace it but after talking with a geek squad computer technician at best buy i think it might be OS related. He said that given his knowledge and from what i explained that he thinks it's something with my operating system and i might need a reinstall.

While i hope that it is something software related, I've already did a reinstall but it was using the factory image inside my computer not a fresh install from the disc.

I've attached a photo of the blue screen error that i get frequently and would greatly appreciate any feedback, comments and/or questions any of you all have regarding this frustrating issue,

Thank You! 

Picture of blue screen >> drive.google.com/.../view

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