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PC laptop does not find bluetooth headset


Have Inspiron 5010   64 bit with Windows 7, new 11/2010.   I have a BlueAnt Q2 headset, new 1/2011.  The Q2 works great on my iphone 4.  I have reloaded and reviewed all bluetooth files/settings and all are on, enabled, started, shared, and my headset is on and in pairing mode, however the laptop cannot discover the headset, hence I cannot chose it to set up and pair.  UGH!  I have contacted Microsoft, BlueAnt, multiple forums and DELL!!! and I cannot get a fix.  I have talked to everyone and have gone over all possible software issues we can think of.  Seems this might be a hardware problem versus a software issue.

For clarification, Blueant site does reference connecting to a computer.  BlueAnt did mention that the issue could be the laptop bluetooth stacking protocols. 

ALL drivers are up to date!

Can anyone help me please?           :emotion-6:


 Pairing the Q1 with your Computer

In order to use the Q1 with your Bluetooth-enabled computer, you need to pair the Q1 with your PC. The pairing process is similar to the process of pairing a phone.
  1. Start the Bluetooth software on your computer, and make sure that your computer's Bluetooth hardware is active.
  2. Put the Q1 into pairing mode (for example by using the "Pair Me" command).
  3. Use your computer's Bluetooth software to search for devices, and select the BlueAnt Q1 from the list. If your computer prompts you to select a Bluetooth profile, select the Headset ProfileIf you are not prompted to select a profile, the computer may default to the Hands-Free Profile. If you subsequently experience problems using the Q1 with your computer, you should repeat the pairing process and make sure that the computer is configured to use the Headset Profile (you may need to select "Advanced" or "Expert" mode in the Bluetooth software in order for your computer to prompt you to choose between the Bluetooth profiles).
  4. Once the pairing process is complete, you are ready to use the Q1 with your computer. If the computer did not connect to the Q1 automatically, use the options in the Bluetooth software to connect to the Q1. This initiates a voice call between your computer and the headset (so you will need to click the BlueAnt button to answer the call). Once you have accepted the call from your computer, your computer's audio will be routed through the Q1 headset.




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I recommend you to once make sure that your laptop has bluetooth in it, and if it has bluetooth installed in it ensure that bluetooth is switched on. Normally laptops have a wireless swtich for wireless and bluetooth that needs to be turned on.

Visit the below link for more information:

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As I indicated in my post, yes my laptop has a bluetooth.  ALL system drivers are up to date including bluetooth.

Dell Technologies

So basic stuff first, have you verifed that any other Bluetooth devices work with the notebook?  Use something simple if possible such as a bluetooth keyboard or mouse.  If no devices work with the system then at least you will know it isn't a problem with the headset drivers.

Here is a link to basic bluetooth trobleshooting.

From the link, instructions to pair a bluetooth device

    1. Locate the Bluetooth icon in the lower-right corner of the computer screen.

      The Bluetooth icon may be hidden, click the Show hidden icons arrow to show any hidden icons.

      Compare the status to Table 1.
    1.   Bluetooth Icon  
    Enabled - The Bluetooth adapter is ready to pair with another Bluetooth device.

    Connected - The Bluetooth adapter is already connected to a Bluetooth device (if the desired device is not the one its connected to, it will have to be re-paired).
    Disabled - The wireless switch is off. For information on how to turn the wireless switch on refer to the
    Online User's Guide.
    None When no icon shows the Bluetooth driver needs to be installed, refer to Dell Knowledge Base Article:
    "How to Download and Install a Driver"

So the call out here is to make sure that Bluetooth is enabled and is not already paired with another device.  Other than that you are looking at driver issues or failed hardware. 

Knowing that the headset works fine on another system, and you are able to pair other devices with the notebook then reinstall the headset drivers.  If you aren't able to verify that the notebook works with other devices then you may need to reinstall the OS and if that fails replace the Bluetooth module.



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yes the other devices are getting connected. 

but this device is not detectable for laptop.

it is getting connected to my phone well

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I updated my XPS 13 9350 to Win 10 Anniversary edition and my Logitech MX Anywhere 2 Bluetooth Mouse would not pair. It showed up under available Bluetooth devices but just wouldn't pair. It worked with the USB plug and my Bluetooth earbuds worked fine.   I went into Control Panel and tried "Add a new device" under Hardware and Sound and was able to connect it through Bluetooth through that path.  I enabled Bluetooth and hit the pair button on the mouse and it showed up in the list of devices to add.  When I selected it to add, a pop-up window came up saying the new device was being installed and when finished, the mouse finally was paired and working.  You might try this route to see if it works for you.

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