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PLEASE help - Latitude E6410 Overheating!

Hello everyone- I bought this Dell Latitude E6410 off of ebay recently and it's been nothing but a nightmare...

Here is my issue- the laptop gets VERY hot during normal usage... For example, just typing this message it's hovering around 85 degrees Celsius. I have tried literally everything- running Linux instead of Windows 7, I poked around in the bios and found nothing, replaced the CPU fan, replaced thermal paste and installed a copper shim on the GPU, did a deep dust cleaning of the entire thing.... 

I've noticed that the fan doesn't even spool up until the CPU and GPU start hitting around 75c?!

Running prime95, the laptop began to climb to about 95 degrees Celsius before I immediately stopped the test....

Is this how these laptops are meant to run? I should mention that I am using the model with the i7-620m and the NVIDIA 3100m. 

Any help is greatly appreciated, as I really like the design and speed of the laptop... its just too hot to use. 

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