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Percision 7510 use NVIDIA GPU

A two part explanation here with hopes to get some guidance in what would be best. I have a percision 7510 workstation with a Nvidia Quadra m2000m GPU. I also have a tb16 docking station. I feel since I have been using the docking station the video quality is not as good. Overall on a lot of applications it is fine. I actually have not noticed it as much on higher end applications adobe cc but more so in lower end ones like office.

What I am wondering is if there is a way to face all graphic processing to be handled by the Nvidia GPU rather then the integrated GPU. I am not sure this is the issue or not or if that is what I want long tern but more doing it to sort of troubleshoot my options. Conversely is there a way to disable the Nvidia GPU to see what might be making things odd?

It also seems most of these issues are when connected to the dock. Would there be any cause for that? Is going through the dock adjusting graphic processing in any way?



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RE: Percision 7510 use NVIDIA GPU

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