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Phone call scams-Received fraudulent phone call from 18883113841 claiming to be a dell tech support.

Received fraudulent phone call from 18883113841 claiming to be a dell tech support who later started verbally abusing and cursing. Seems like info has been stolen from Dell. Dell is not taking responsibility and leaving it's customer vulnerable that undermines the trust on the entire Dell company. Who would like to buy from Dell knowing that privacy will be compromised? On behalf of all affected customers, I request Dell to provide the affected customer necessary safeguards to help rebuild the customers trust on Dell by acknowledging their sufferings. Thank you very much.

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Hi shannn1111,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Protection of your data is a top priority for Dell.

Unfortunately, technology phone scams have become prevalent across our industry.

Please keep in mind, Dell does not make unsolicited calls asking to charge you to fix an issue you did not report or previously request help with unless you signed up for our premium support services like Dell Tech Concierge, Dell Premium Support or Dell ProSupport services.

We may contact you though our DellConnect software and Dell Support Center software. but that only happens if you agree to be contacted within the software, while on the call with the technician.

We would love for you to take a moment to help us stop these cyber-criminals by reporting the details about your interaction. Please complete this form. This will allow us to investigate further. Also, please read this Wiki which has more helpful data. Also Laura Pevehouse, our chief blogger posted about it  here.  Thanks for your cooperation.


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