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Planning to buy Dell XPS 9560 4K in INDIA


I am planning to buy a dell XPS 9560 4K laptop in Mumbai, India.

My question is simple and straightforward and I would like the answers to be likewise.

The product isn't available straight from Dell and thus I find myself planning to buy it from Amazon India or a local marketplace.

Thus my concern is since the laptop isn't available in Dell India, how is the repairing process in India done if my laptop gets faulty.

In other words, can I get my laptop repaired in India if anything goes wrong hardware and software-wise?

Would like a reply asap

Thank you


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RE: Planning to buy Dell XPS 9560 4K in INDIA

If the system model you want is not sold by Dell in India, then Dell will not transfer the warranty nor support it there.  ONLY systems sold in the market where they're used are eligible for warranty support.

If you purchase from a seller -- even in India -- a system not sold by Dell in that market, repairs would either be handled by the seller OR the system would have to be returned to the country of origin for repairs.

Given the relatively high percentage of notebooks that need a warranty repair, carefully consider the risk in light of this.

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