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RE: Please HELP Permanent Fingerprints atop of my PINK STUDIO 1535

This is an old thread now but this answer might still be useful as many Dell laptops suffer from this.

I recently acquired a 1525 (pink) laptop on which the rubberized coating had broken down, leaving a sticky residue (I've seen many Dell laptops like this).

Anyhow, after much experimentation, I've (literally) hit on a solution: Furniture Polish. I used an aerosol can of furniture polish (the sort that contains beeswax). Spray on, leave for a couple of minutes and then scrape off the coating with an old credit card or similar using a left-right sawing action.

This method does work, but needs lots of "elbow grease". Any discoloration left over can be removed by further applications of polish and a kitchen cleaning pad (light abrasive pad).

Mine came up like new.