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[Please Help] Intel Inspiron 11 3000 series Black Screen With Only Cursor w/ other problems

I turn on my laptop and the dell logo pops up and it just goes to a black screen with only my cursor being visible. The other day it was working just fine, then later on the fan starts getting really loud and I turn it off and turn it back on. This is when my nightmare starts, I turn it back on and stays on the dell logo and says "diagnosing your pc". The fan is still running loud, then after a few hours trying to get it work, the fan just stops making noise altogether. I run the system diagnostics and it says my fan and hard drive won't respond. I open up my laptop to what's internally wrong with the fan and hard drive. All I see is the fan doesn't spin, but after several minutes it starts to. I don't see why it says my hard drive won't respond when I fully inspected it and there was no visible damage whatsoever. I put everything back together and keep trying and which it being in the current result that is stated in the beginning. Only thing not mentioned is that the fan is just struggling to spin at a constant rpm. In the diagnostics even though the fan is somewhat spinning, it still indicates the fan and hard drive are unresponsive. This the worst thing for me right now because I'm looking for a job and start college soon.

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