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Plugged in, Charging but neither plugged in nor charging


My 90W charger pin got damaged and was replaced with wrong connections. When plugged in my running Dell Inspiron 15R, the laptop crashed immediately but was able to turn on after removing charger and removing and reinstalling battery. Now used a working 65w charger from colleague with same laptop model and when plugged shows "Plugged In, Charging" but battery discharges to 0 percent and laptop crashes. Laptop doesnt even turn on now without battery when plugged in. At the moment using my colleagues laptop to charge my battery and use till battery discharges. Further, now date and time also gets reset to 1st Jan 2013 everytime battery removed.

What part is damaged. Can it be bypassed? I dont want to send it for 1 month to get repaired.

Please help.



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RE: Plugged in, Charging but neither plugged in nor charging


Thank you for writing to us!

We would suggest to get the correct charger for the system and not use the damaged charger as that may damage the port from the system end.We would also suggest you to boot the system in BIOS and check the AC adapter type and battery health.

Kindly private message the service tag and email address.



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