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Plugged in not charging

I bought a dell inspiron for my (teenage) daughter about a year ago, a few months after the charger wasn't being recognized.It said it needed a 50 watt charger, but the one I had was 55 watts. We kept it plugged in even though it wasn't charging because she needed to use the laptop. Everything was slow though... it said system performance would slow down which ***. I've bought a bunch of new chargers. All 50+ watts.All have the same problem. After a while for the battery it said "no battery detected" even though there WAS a battery in there. I bought a new charger and a new battery yesterday. The battery I put in was at about 35% charge and was recognized. However, when I plugged in the charger, it said plugged in not charging. Again, we (she) kept it in because she does use this laptop quite frequently. Today I noticed that AGAIN, no battery was detected. I am annoyed and we are going to take the laptop in (hopefully) for repairs tomorrow. I don't know if I'm currently going to be able to afford it. What is the issue? 

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RE: Plugged in not charging

Only OEM Dell adapters will charge the battery.  If you've tried more than one OEM adapter, the problem is with the DC jack (next thing to replace;  if you need the part reference, we'll need the full model number - i.e., Inspiron 3552, etc.).

If the jack doesn't get the adapter recognized,  then the issue is likely with the mainboard.

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