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Possible XPS 15 refresh before Kaby lake?


Now I know that Dell might not want to give any information about this topic, but I wanted to ask anyway. I will without any doubt buy a new laptop before the end of this year as my current laptop is so unstable that it is a complete no go at any exam.
Kaby Lake quad core CPU's will not be hitting the market before 2017. However the nvidia 1050/1050ti will, to my knowledge, be released in October. Also there has just been a significant(around 100USD) discount on XPS 15(and the old 13) on the Dell website. At least on the danish site.

This leads me to think that a XPS 15 refresh with a 1050/1050ti might come before the end of the year? Is this possible or are there no doubt that a XPS 15 refresh wont happen before Kaby Lake in 2017?

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