Power Adapter Issue

After flashing my BIOS from A08 to A09, I receive the following error every 3-4 boots on average and I cannot get rid of it until I've "reseated" the power adapter several times within the setup utility:


The AC power adapter wattage and type cannot be determined.
The battery may not charge.
The system will adjust the performance to match the power available.


Please connect a Dell 65W AC adapter or greater for best system performance.


To resolve this issue, try to reseat the power adapter.


Strike the F3 key (before the F1 or F2 key) if you do not want to see power warning messages again.


Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility
Press F5 to run onboard diagnostics.


I've gone into the BIOS and checked the Battery Info only to find that the AC Adapter is an "Unknown Device."  Unplug & plug it in a few times and viola, we now have a 90W adapter again.


This has gotten to be on the annoying side after the first few times since the brick is a Dell (came with the laptop) and the battery is also a Dell (again came with the laptop).  At first I thought it was just a fluke, but now it keeps happening.


Has anybody else received this error?   Any help or useful ideas would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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Re: Power Adapter Issue



This is a common fault, and not related to the Bios update. There is a small pin in the enter of the adapter, it " tells " the computer what adapter is used. The reason is, there are different wattages in the adapters, so that you dont overload a small adapter with a big machine it wont run full speed or charge batteries. Your problem sounds like a bad connection. It may be the adapter, or the socket on the MBD. They can bought as a part, but is a specialised thing to fit. ( what  mean is even if you can solder pipes, a MBD is different ! )


                                                                   Regards Chris

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Re: Power Adapter Issue

Sorry about the slow reply, busy day.  As I said, the problem comes and goes, but knowing where to look helps me out immensely.  I do agree, since I have soldered pipes and some less delicate electronics, the difference is night and day between the two and beyond my skill level.
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Re: Power Adapter Issue

I am experiencing the same problem after the update to BIOS A09.

I had never received this error, and in the last week (just after the update) it has appeared at least 5 times. Together with this, I have started experiencing an electric Tingle sensation when the laptop is plugged in. This sensation was not there before the update.


According to the Dell Blog, the tingle sensation is avoided by the 3-prong power adapter. Now, I have to make sure that it is plugged in an earth ground conexion. It was not necessary before the Bios Update.


For me, there is no doubt that the error message has been triggered by the bios update.


[DELL XPS1530, Windows Vista SP1]

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Re: Power Adapter Issue

I have experienced similar problem, also probably caused by A09 BIOS. In my case teh situation is a bit silly. Sometimes when I unplag the power jack and reboot the system during i have the same message. Of course when i enter the BIOS the adapter is not recosnised. After replugging the jack the adapter is rearly recognised properly (but sometimes it is for the first time), but when i unplag the coord from the wall-socket it is always recognised properly.  What is more interresting, even though the message says that the battery may not charge bacause of unknown adapter, the battery IS charged (as the message in BIOS and in Vista and Dell indicator says). Strange thing. I'd suggest that it's really reather a BIOS A9 bug (one man who I've spoken to had the same issue on A09 and averythng stopped after downgradeing to A08), than hardware issue.  I've also read on some forums about similar problems.


Sorry for my english.

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Re: Power Adapter Issue

I am now experiencing the same error message. Differing Power adapters and differing batteries. One XPS laptop charges fine, the other no. Seems like the connector to the motherboard.  What's the part number and how to order?

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