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Power Button Issue : dell inspiron 5559

Dell is <ADMIN NOTE: Profanity removed per policy>.

Brand Value going down! customer experience going down! Customer care needs education and training!

within two months of my brand new laptop, I ended up with 4 issues. I wont take up any more.

To summarize my experience so far.
- Bought laptop on 25/03/2016 - Dell Inspiron 5559.
- within couple of months, I started getting issues on my new brand laptop.
- First Issue : wifi issue : which vivek was trying to address, and I ended up with laptop formatting.
- Second Issue : On follow up call regarding the same : sushil identified a Bios mismatch and I followed the advice and ended up AGAIN with laptop  formatting.
- Third time : Power button issue : its identified and qualified by your service engineer at site that there was an issue with power button and needs replacement of  the component.
till software formatting, I can bear and manage my effort loss. But when it comes to hardware part replacement, I want to differ.

I don't want to open the brand new laptop for any reason whatsoever, which is just 2.5-3 months old.

I need a replacement of my laptop. if not please redirect me to the concern team/person with whom I can discuss with.
During  conversation I noticed the supervior, addressing my concerns in a sarcastically manner saying "Electronics items will not ask you before going Bad". I truly disappointed to hear people making fun of their customer, being in service industry, by additional un-wanted additional adjective/adverbs (ask you). I really feel offended.
I had been loosing my weekends past couple of weeks addressing my laptop issues on my new branded laptop, rather than focusing on the my work.
now the system is not starting as expected, sometimes it starts, sometimes it doesn't because of the power button.
<ADMIN NOTE: Legalistic removed per policy> I may need few details regarding warranty terms and conditions. Can u please share the PDFs.
Loss : From the time the issue qualified power button issue, till its get rectified, I am not able work, which is leading to financial losses, which I will add while filling the case ($50/hour).
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