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Power DVD and Roxio Software

I have a Studio XPS with windows 7 64 bit running system (Ha, only know this cuz I looked it up).  I also have a factory installed BD-Rom with burner that up until yesterday was working fine.  Granted it had not been used in at least a month.  When I went to burn a cd yesterday I got the following message from the Roxio software (and the same from the Power DVD software when I tried viewing dvd and blu ray) "No disc in drive or drive doesn't dupport disc format."

I was using all the same types of discs I have used a bazillion times in the drive/player.  Went to dell site and ran diagnotic and except for the one type of item I did not have everything on the drive/player passed.  Tried to redownload the software as suggested in an earlier post - was told that it wasn't supported on my machine.  Is it just time to upgrade both pieces of software?

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