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Pre-boot logon display problem when using port replicator

I've been using SecureDoc Full Disk Encryption (FDE) for years and straight after my purchase of brand new M4800 I installed it as usual. However, I believe my issue is not limited to this particular FDE software but will pop up with any FDE with pre-boot authentication option.

The thing is that I use port replicator and external monitor display (it's Dell U2312 connected via Display Port). Thus when the notebook is powered up and brings the pre-boot logon screen it is not displayed on the external monitor but only on the internal built-in display which... is not visible for me as the machine lid is closed while in port replicator.

I have to guess whether it is time to enter the credentials since I can't see the logon screen on my external monitor. I believe this applies for any FDE software that comes with pre-boot logon screen.

I've enabled the appropriate option in BIOS (Enable dock Display Port through Integrated Graphics) that I believe was supposed to direct the signal to DVI port while performing POST but it apparently doesn't work... This is the latest BIOS for this model - A07.

Is there a way to make my M4800 display picture right away on the external monitor and not wait until system is loaded almost completely?

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RE: Pre-boot authentication and port replicator issue

Some update after playing a while....

When I turned off switchable graphics in BIOS, I was able to have picture displayed on the external screen (connected via Display Port) but only with the notebook lid opened. Closing the lid causes powering off the external display. I don't find it an acceptable solution since the idea is to have the lid closed when not necessary.

In this mode I was also able to change displays using Fn+F8 key sequence.

After many tries I was finally able to close the lid but still needed to start the notebook with the lid open and close it only after the pre-boot logon screen appeared. Crazy!

When turned switchable graphics back on there is neither picture on the external display, nor the combination Fn+F8 works.

As most of you know - I want to have the lid closed and picture displayed on the external display... Any ideas?

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