Precision 3510, USB 4TB drive connected, no boot


i am facing an issue with a Precision 3510 i cannot boot when there is a Western Digital Hard drive with 4TB connected to my laptop.

i can boot correctly with other devices but not this USB hard drive.

the laptop start booting and then it goes to no bootable device, i've checked the BIOS setup i put my internal HDD as primary on the boot sequence and deleted all other entries and the same issue.

i am using windows 10 BIOS is set to UEFI and updated to the latest version i tried Legacy boot and i disabled Secure boot and always the same issue.

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RE: No boot PRECISION 3510

Any Bios updates?

You can boot normally if you connect the external drive after booting?  

Do you know how the drive is configured.  If it is a GPT configured drive, the entire space will be available.  If it is running some special software it might be part of the problem.

I had a Seagate external drive a couple of years ago that would not allow my system to boot if connected.  After a couple of months, that stopped happening and I never used the software which came with the drive.


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RE: No boot PRECISION 3510

Why create the issue? Why not simply connect the USB 4TB storage drive AFTER the Precision 3510 has booted successfully into Windows?

We shipped with Secure Boot Enabled. So this is what the Boot Sequence should look like =

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