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Precision 5510, HDMI out resolutions?

For Precision 5510 DELL laptop, I have built in HDMI, I have connected DELL 4K monitor which supports 4K/60Hz.

But I am not able to get 4K/60Hz when I connect directly (with no adapter .. just one external 4K monitor)

I would like to know the specs for the 5510 built in HDMI port for 4K resolution

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RE: Precision 5510, HDMI out resolutions?

The Precision 5510 has an HDMI 1.4 port. Other users are reporting 1920x1080 60Hz or 2560x1440 29Hz. Which specific Dell monitor model? In the laptop Control Panel- Display- Screen Resolution, what resolutions can you get at 60Hz? What resolutions can you get if you lower the Hz to 50, 40, 29, etc. ?