Precision 5510 / WinPE3 & NVMe drives

Can someone recommend what drivers are required to make Precision 5510 NVMe drive & Dell's USB network dongle appear working in WinPE3 (requirement for SCCM 2007)?

If i configure BIOS to Legacy i seem to have network connectivity.. BIOS configured to UEFI, i have access to the NVMe drive but no network connectivity...

I've tried numerous drivers from Dell / Intel but all without any success


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RE: Precision 5510 / WinPE3 & NVMe drives

All you need to do is install the Windows 10 ADK (doesn't matter if your deployment system is Win 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or server whatever).  Once the ADK is installed, during the Snap Deploy media builder, change to WinPE and it will do the rest.  Windows 10 ADK already has the necessary drivers for these PCIE NVME hard drives. First off it would need WinPE 10 in order to get support for UEFI BIOS and GPT formatting on drives, as WinPE 3.1 (based on Win7) and WinPE 4.0 (based on Win 8.0) are insufficient. and the INTEL RST 14 drivers would need to be included.  NVME requires BIOS Support.

AHCI is the only option available in Modern Bios and chipsets.  INTEL RST F6 drivers are REQUIRED for all advanced format 4k sector hard drives. Most all drives larger than 80 gigs with 4k sectors MUST have this. Intel® Rapid Storage Technology Production Version Release   This build has been validated on and supports Windows 10 TH2.



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RE: Precision 5510 / WinPE3 & NVMe drives

I have a requirement to get this working with sccm2007 osd so I'm stuck with winpe3

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