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Precision 5510 reboots whenever I awakes from sleep, if power sources has changed

Hi everyone

Months ago I did have this issue, but after the latest TB15, Thunderbolt and other driver updates, the issue disappeared. However, for the last month I’ve had to disconnect or connect to a power source, before I put the computer to sleep, if I know the next place I wake it up again will be different from the current. I've disabled hybernation.

Every driver and BIOS is up-to-date but Dell Command 2.2.0 keeps notifying about the Intel(R) Thunderbolt(TM) 3 Firmware Update (532,3 kB, 01-07-2016).

When it installs it, it does it  with success but, it reappears at the next check. However when I download the driver manually, it says it’s already up-to-date.

My specifications are:
Dell Precision 5510
Xeon E3-1505M, 32GB ram, 4K, M.2 512GB
Service Tag: <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>
Windows 10 64bit Pro build 10586.545

I don't think it would help me to start from step 1 again, as everything is up-to-date

Event Viewer shos:
EventID 6008 shows unexpected shutdown (from the time I closed the lid) - but no errors or warning from that time. Seems it executes the error, when I power on the system.
EventID 41; System restart without proper shutdown
EventID219; "The driver \Driver\WUDFRd failed to load for the device ACPI\INT3400\2&daba3ff&2.

I really hope somehone has a solution, as this really takes the joy out of the product.

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RE: Precision 5510 reboots whenever I awakes from sleep, if power sources has changed

Wow no one, I have same issue seems to be poor driver support because keyboard nor mouse have power management. Only way is to attach to dock work with it and restart. If you have n important dock and do not have a keyboard say bye bye to it because it's a hard boot for you.