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Precision 7510 with Thunderbolt 3 + HDMI Video


My goal is to connect three total monitors to my Precision 7510 laptop:

  • Two monitors via DisplayPort provided via the Thunderbolt 3 port
  • Single monitor via HDMI port

I only seem to be able to connect two external devices at a time. For example, I can get both DisplayPorts to work via the adapter below, but then the HDMI port doesn't display. I can plug in a single DisplayPort monitor via the same adapter and HDMI into the side of the laptop and it works. I plug in the 2nd DP (3rd monitor) and it doesn't come on. I have tried both with the laptop lid display enabled and disabled.

I have a the Intel HD 530 and NVIDIA Quadro M2000M. I have THIS Thunderbolt 3 to 2x DisplayPort adapter. The DP monitors support 1440p/165Hz but I've tried both at 1080p/60Hz, no change. All laptop firmware is up to date (per the Dell Command Update utility).

I know the Precision 7510 can work with three 1080p external monitors with the Dell E-Dock at work, but can it be supported in this "hybrid" configuration? Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you for your time!

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