Precision 7710 USB peripherals not recognized when docked

Hello together,

hope some one has an idea.

We have an Precision 7710 which often, e.g. after returning back to the docking station, doesn't recognize the USB devices like mouse, keyboard and wireless headset anymore. These are connected to the docking station.

In the device manager are then a lot of unrecognized devices also.

We changed already the docking-station, no effect.

We tried to uninstall / install USB device drivers.

We made BIOS update.

Dell support changed the main board, that had no effect either.

The device got reimaged, then it worked for two weeks.

Now the problem reappeared. The user has no administrative rights, no installations have been done in the mean time. He only worked with the laptop, e.g. connected USB sticks, a Nokia phone and a 3D mouse. 

I got it running again by deleting the unknow devices in device manager, then docking again. But after some minutes and undocking / docking the problem appeared again.

We have the same Laptop with same installations at other places with no problems.

Dell hotline says now I have to reimage again, it is probably a software error.

Is it really possible that connecting some USB devices can break all USB ports at the docking station?

Probably we will reimage one more time and take care then which devices we will connect. 

But I don't really know what to do then. I fear the problem will appear at random again.

Windows 10 64-bit is used.

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RE: Precision 7710 USB peripherals not recognized when docked

Which Dell Docking Station is the system docked? Reinstall the chipset drivers in the system. Update any docking station drivers/firmware.

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RE: Precision 7710 USB peripherals not recognized when docked

It's the Dell E-Port PR03X.

I will reimage the device when the user is in holidays in two weeks. Then I also can Update Chipset / docking station firmware.

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