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Precision Dell 7710 dead

I was wondering, if I have an isolated case of a complete failure of my Dell precision 7710.

Today, I simply tried to turn the computer. Nothing.

Ok, I was in battery, plug the AC/DC adapter... nothing. Check the DC output  18.7, a little high, but ok. Use another AC/DC adapter for M6400, same output... nothing. Remove the battery and discharge the possible static in the capacitors... then try with AC/DC adapter only... nothing. Put everything as it was with the adapter and battery... nothing. Change the ram from one slot to other... nothing.

I tried all conventional wisdom for this issues. I just need to fully disassemble the computer and test motherboard components, but I am leaving this for DELL technical support...  Because, I should be in guarantee... The hardware is under less than 4 months new. A real piece of ***.

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RE: Precision Dell 7710 dead


Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.

Do you get any diagnostics led or beeps when you try to power on the system?

Please private message us the service tag of the system.

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RE: Precision Dell 7710 dead

I seem to be having the same exact issue.  I was issued this laptop brand new 3 days ago...plugged in my usb dvd player and the system shut down..  I cannot turn it back on, and I repeated the same steps as OLMOGOROV did.

BTW...when I received it from DELL....there were no drivers installed for the USB ports....whats up with that?  I had to locate online and download to install.

Anyway, now I have a 3 day old laptop that does not power up.

Yes I reset the battery

Yes I flushed the battery by holding the power button in 10 sec with the battery removed

yes, the blue power light is on with the adapter  etc,

I'm hoping there is a successful outcome