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Precision M2800 only using integrated intel graphics (not Fire pro)

After updating my Dell precision m2800 to windows 10, my graphics card has stopped working. My AMD fire pro has stopped working. I have downloaded all of the suggested drivers and the graphics card shows up in device manager, but my laptop is not using it.

When I run Dell precision optimiser it confirms that the computer is using the Integrated intel graphics

Also when I run benchmarking software it confirms this too.


I have been trying to fix this for weeks, bu with no success. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.



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RE: Precision M2800 only using integrated intel graphics (not Fire pro)

What was the previous operating system? Was this a clean/fresh installation of Windows 10? Or an upgrade OVER the prior operating system? I cannot find any data that states if the Precision M2800 can utilize switchable graphics to force those applications to run in High Performance (AMD) or Power Saving (Intel). See this. Another test, connect an external monitor to the HDMI out port and run those applications on the external monitor. AMD runs the external monitor, Intel runs the laptop screen.

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