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Precision M3800 ssd upgrade

I received my new m3800, top of the line, and i'm very happy with it so far. Found a great deal on Dell Outlet and couldn't pass it down. However, the only downside is that I lost the slot for the second hard drive in favor for a bigger battery. (a rare model) In turn I got a 128GB SSD (LITEONIT lmt-128M6M mSATA 128GB).

For my work flow I need at least 256GB. What SSD are compatible with the m3800 and what models should I be looking at to replace my current 128GB ?

Thank you.

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RE: Precision M3800 ssd upgrade

I got the base model with the 500 GB Hybrid drive. I am planning to add a Samsung Evo 840 1TB SSD to the mSata slot. Just not sure if it's compatible. I get a yes from Dell 24/7 Chat but I guess I needed to hear it from a Dell technician because the SSD isn't cheap.

Still waiting on an answer though.... 

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