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Precision M4600 Harddisk replacement with SSD

Unfortunately it seems my Seagate ST9750420AS is causing blue screen issues. I get error 2000:0142 on a quick test but then agaibn nothing on the extended test, but continue to get blue screens. Unfortunately also whilst trying to make a bootable system disk. I can still read all the data, I have all that as a backup, so not too bad, but I don't have a system disk to reinstall from. So that may be difficult. Any advice?

I want to replace this disk with an SSD. Can anyone advise what I need to be aware of for this? I've looked at the wd blue. What form factor / height/ width / depth SATA do I require? Would a Sata III 6Gb/s work? Size 2.75" x .275" x 3.95"?

My Precision is out of warranty. 

Thanks for your help

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