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Precision M5510 W10x64 getting BSOD & screen flickering after resume from sleep

I started to write this up offline in anticipation that I might not get a fix myself without some support, but Imight have found a fix, however, interested to hear from others who might have had a similar issue and their thoughts on suitable fixes, but for others this might be useful in terms of seeing similarities to your own probelm and a not so obvious fix, read on!

The machine is a Mid 2016 Dell Precision 5510 with 32gb ram, 1TB NvME Samsung (partitioned, with C drive for Windows having 186gb free, other partition is purely for data storage, no other O/S or dual boot type stuff) - Windows 10 x64

Dell Wizzard reports:
Manufacturer Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6820HQ CPU @ 2.70GHz Clock Speed 2.7Ghz L2 Cache Size 1024
Disk Drives NVMe PM951 NVMe SAMSUNG
Display Adapters Intel(R) HD Graphics 530 & NVIDIA Quadro M1000M
IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers - none
Keyboards,Mice & Pointing Devices HID-compliant mouse
Monitors Generic PnP Monitor & Default Monitor
Sound Devices Realtek High Definition Audio & Intel(R) Display Audio
USB Controllers Intel(R) USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller - 1.0 (Microsoft) & Intel(R) USB 3.1 eXtensible Host Controller - 1.10 (Microsoft)

Initially the problem started or was at least noticed just before the Windows 10 Aniversary update, maybe 2weeks, but might have been 6 weeks, the screen started to flicker when waking from sleep (Hibernate/). This progressed into about a 1 in 3 or 4 wake ups having, what I thought was only "post user login" a BSOD, with various "reasons" when they were noticed. Often the laptop is opened and left while coffee is made :-) and if it was BSOD before the user login page, then this would have been missed as the laptop reboots to the login screen after the BSOD. So could have missed that completely, probably did.

Nothing was actively done at this stage due to time constrains and there appeared to be no pattern or common message, and then the possiblility of an update maybe fixing the issue, this considered the best first plan of attack, lazy yes, but no time to do anything more at that point.

After the major update, did not notice an improvement or degredation, but the problems was now clearly on the radar, so googled a few things related to the errors I'd seen so far, which included:

...IGFX... sorry did not capture the full codes, and there were at least 2 different IGFX codes
KERNEL_MODE_HEAP_CORRUPTION - had this lots of time, probably more than any other error
VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE - what failed igdkmd64.sys

Windows Event Logs showed no entries for the errors

Googled Dell Precision BSOD with terms like
- IGFX (most common error from BSOD)
- Flickering screen
- Resume Wake up
- My exact error codes (but no direct matches for these)

After a brief "google" 3-4 common themes of problems seemed to be reported, and I might be going down the wrong road here, but
1. flickering due to voltage fluctuations and driver table unable to correctly maintain within voltages (Linux they fixed this with forcing the boot up to use a fixed brightness table) - no direct Windows examples of this, or Windows fix
2. Video Drivers
3. NvME driver issues
4. BIOS issues

So off to Dell Website to get driver updates and BIOS updates
Install all recommended drivers (several - but not screen or NVME) including BIOS :-)
install BIOS update (still continues to ask for the same update, so done it 4-5 times)
Manual install video drivers - even though not showing as needed, re-installed them, for both cards (see below) but without disabling them first.
Manual install NVme Drivers - ditto manual install
Also Thunderbolt drivers, as had a iffy bit of kit in the past, so thought no harm in a manual re-install!

BIOS appears to have upgraded but Dell Auto detect is stuck unable to confirm this and offers it each check, but BIOS and utility immeadiately before BIOS uograde shows the latest BIOS is reported as 1.2.21

The BIOS Diagnostics were run, including extended and no errors found (2-3 times)

This lead to a near 100% wake up BSOD, either before login screen or straight after. Not 100% but 90% at least. Sometimes even after a reboot, or even shut down restart, and that was either battery or Mains powered, no differnce between the 2, and that was similar to before.

More googling and found this generic article:

Troubleshoot wizzard using the following problems areas:
- Bluescreen
- Power
- Hardware & Devices
- bluetooth

Checked all devices in device manager are shown ok, no errors and no hardware changes from a "scan"

Checked power saving settings, relevant settings:
Hybrid sleep is disabled, Hibernate after 180mins on battery, but sleep after 30mins on battery
Intel Graphics set to balnaced on both Battery and Mains (might change this if other things don't work - to a fixed setting if possible - have not done so yet)
Lid and Power button set to sleep for all settings
Adaptive brightness is off for both states
Critical battery operation is to Hibernate

Had never thought about the 2 graphics boards, and any conflict, but factory fitted, tried to disable the Nvidia and just use Intel, that did not work/help, but these are teh 2 systems:
1. Intel HD 530
2. Nvidia Quadro M1000M 2GB

What I think might be the fix, as so far has worked for me ... fingers crossed:

Re-installing video drivers yet again ... This time for new drivers I disabled them first one at a time, under Device Manager, first the Intel and then allowed windows to search and install new drivers, allowing the wizard to find them online, auto re-enables as part of the driver install.

Repeated for Nvidia disabling first and again found new driver (which it had not before for either device, so disabling changed the outcome)

After the NVIDIA install it needs a reboot, Intel does not, that's why I did the Intel first!
After reboot it appears to be no longer flicker, and first resume was without a BSOD!

While this is premature to be called a "fix" and the final disable/re-install element might not be the solution on it's own, BUT this appears to have ridded the resume from multiple screen flickers, and is maybe an essential part of the solution if not all of it.

So far 3 resumes have been flicker and BSOD free... call me stupid, but disabling the video before installing/checking for updates had not seemed an obvious path ... well it does now!! Doh!

I hope this might help some one else, having wasted over 10 hours myself, the next step was a re-install of the OS ... otherwise the Dell agent would not create a support ticket (they had been somewhat lame in their ideas of things to try).

Frustrated, but hopefully flicker and BSOD free


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RE: Precision M5510 W10x64 getting BSOD & screen flickering after resume from sleep

Hi there, I've been battling the same issue for several months now, but the video tdr, heap corruption and the failure of igfx driver. Does this fix still work and do you use Dell Premier color on your machine?

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RE: Precision M5510 W10x64 getting BSOD & screen flickering after resume from sleep

Yes the fix still works, but unsure what you mean by using Dell Premier Color?

The monitor is shown as a Generic PNP Monitor, but touch works fine. It's running at 1920x1080 with 125% Scaling (otherwise windows appears way too small to read!)

I think the Intel HD530 is being dominant, but both that and the Nvidia M1000M are installed and ready.

Hope that helps


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RE: Precision M5510 W10x64 getting BSOD & screen flickering after resume from sleep

Do you have the 4k touchscreen version? If you DO have the 4k version, do you use this software?<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

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RE: Precision M5510 W10x64 getting BSOD & screen flickering after resume from sleep

What does this package do? Why do I need to update to it?

It appears to be 32bit only, and I'm (as I would expect anyone with this machine to be) running 64bit Windows 10 ...

Yes I do have the 4k touchscreen, but don't run it in 4k for daily use as the display becomes a pain, and many apps don't respect the scale settings.

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