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Re: Precision M6500 touchpad jumps left a few inches when moving finger right

ok so, i have the same but slightly DIFFERENT problem.

While I am typing,  the cursor jumps to an earlier or later section of the page and if I am not watching, I will re-type over other text.

Its funny it just happened while typing that problem.  The cursor will jump left, right or up,down to any other part of the page.  Sometimes it will close out an email by itself or right now its trying to scroll...  wow...

I wish i can figure this out...  its like were i rest my palms to type affects the cursor... but only sometimes... and you cant replicate the issue anytime.

If anyone comes up with a sollution, I would love to hear it.

The problem is with the palmrest. The "early" (year 1) palmrests had an engineering flaw that caused what you are seeing. Specifically the problem is with the connection between the touchpad and the keyboard. The connection is immediately above the touchpad and is very sensitive to palmrest "flex".

I bought a new M6500 in May 2010 and it had this problem and it drove me crazy. Dell replaced the palmrest twice and the keyboard once but the problem persisted because the replacement palmrests had the same issue. I gave up for a while but tried again last year after peaple began reporting that replacing the palmrest was fixing their problem. I was skeptical, but a Dell engineer confirmed that Dell had redesigned the palmrest and that it would now correct the problem. I had palmrest #3 installed by Dell over 1 year ago and the problem is absolutely and completely gone.

A replacement palmrest will fix your problem, but get it from Dell and not from the street because I'm sure there are alot of the old defective palmrests still floating around. (Note that the touchpad and lower mouse buttons are an integral part of the palmrest).

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