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Precision M6700 2 external displays, one flicers


I have a Precision M6700 (GQ12BW1) which is connected to Dell E-Port Plus Advanced Port Replicator. I have connected two external displays to it (Dell U2412Mb) via display port cable and laptop screen is also active.

Problem is that one of my displays flickers when I put something on fullscreen on it (e.g excel, picture etc). Not always but frequently enought to disturb.

I have updated BIOS and graphics driver to latest that dell support page offers. Also changed DP cables.

What else can I do to resolve this issue?

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RE: Precision M6700 2 external displays, one flicers

* Swap the U2412M on the DisplayPorts on the E-Dock
* Does the flicker issue follow that problem U2412M when moved to the other DisplayPort?
* Test each U2412M by itself on both of the E-Port DisplayPorts
* Do they both flicker? Or does only one flicker? On both ports, or just one port?

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