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Precision M6700 DisplayPort issue

I have a Mobile Precision M6700 with an NVIDIA Quadro K5000M GPU, and I'm wondering if it supports DisplayPort 1.2. I can't find any information in the Dell spec sheet or the owners manual, but the NVIDIA specs says it supports DisplayPort 1.2. Can anyone confirm this on the 6700?

The issue I'm having is this: I recently bought a couple UltraSharp U2415 monitors (which I've since returned for reasons unrelated to this post) and when setting the DisplayPort version on the monitors to 1.2 everything worked fine if I plugged in the cable after the laptop booted.

However, restarting (or starting from a cold boot), the laptop would not boot even to the Dell logo. It would start beeping (in an inconsistent pattern) and sometimes would flash a red border around the laptop and display and some text that disappeared before it could be read. Once or twice it did actually boot into windows but ran so slowly it was unusable.

Changing the DisplayPort version on the monitors back to 1.1 corrected the issue. This seems strange to me since I would have assumed the monitors would just not work, not that I wouldn't be able to boot the laptop. Can anyone shed some light on this?


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RE: Precision M6700 DisplayPort issue

I have exactly the same problem with my M6700 (K5000M) with U2413.


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