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Precision m4800 w/ Quadro K2100M - Dell GPU Driver Update renders GPU useless?

Mostly this is looking for feedback from other users, and to allow Dell to see there is a problem if others have the same issues.

Just a little note about this computer :

  • It was purchased with a FirePro 5100m, which had all sorts of lag, issues, and perpetually broken drivers (such as ones from dell failed to allow you to set global power profiles and so on)
  • hinges were poping/creaking from day one the first time I opened the lid. GPU and CPU fans scraped from day one. Hinges have been replaced 2x in 2 years now. GPU/CPU fans have been replaced once as well.
    • the hinge thing really bothers me as the replacement set from last time is popping again, and I use the laptop docked most of the time. Id say I open the lid at most 2x a week. Dell claims there is no issue, and put out a PSA post about it that they don't cover it, indicating to me they know there is an issue. But since they switched from spring loaded barrel hinges to these *** pressed together friction sleeves they have had wobble, binding, and are just <cheap> junk I don't expect in my thousand dollar + workstation laptop.
  • after fighting it for nearly a year I was sent a replacement FirePro 5100m, which did the same things. A Quadro k2100m was also dispatched at the time because I was afraid it was an AMD card based issue due to the number of posts here about it.
  • This Quadro Card did not receive any driver updates for about 2 years, putting it well behind in some cad software, and because i do play games on it, those as well.

A new Driver was released this month from DELL for the Quadro k2100m. Which was a welcome update, I assumed. First thing is its an old release still, Forceware Version 376.54, The version that caused a lot of issues for windows 10 users in February. This is the first update for the GPU driver in over a year from Dell, which I was looking forward too since it includes the new Vulkan API, since some games and applications are now utilizing it.

With this new driver, again the card is rendered practically useless much like my experiences with the AMD Firepro 5100m i had before.  Any 3d application that requires a full screen render pane (games, Stress testers) instantly throws and error that it was unable to open a render, or it black screens requiring alt+ctrl+del to terminate the offending application. AutoCad runs okay, until i switch it from 2d to 3d rendering, at which point it too hangs.

If the application relies on OCL or CUDA (such as BOINC or Folding@Home, which i run as screen savers when my computer is idle) it instantly throws an error that "The Quadro k2100m is not removable and cannot be ejected" crashing the entire driver stack locking up the laptop requiring a reboot.

This specific issue is present on all Nvidia Drivers after the old stable one the laptop came with (353.82) and was finally resolved with the WHQL Driver 377.11, released by Nvidia This month, but it causes weird issues with the WMI driver and does not allow me to see temperatures on the card so i do not feel safe running it more than just to test.

I have removed Drivers with DisplayDriverUninstaller, since ive had issues in the past with the built in UN-installers not removing all the various items, especially dell display drivers since i purchased this laptop.

Reverting back to the older driver fixes all the problems and the computer works as intended again.

It really does feel like these drivers have no internal testing before their release. I have never had these problems before with any other computer. M4700 from work has never had issues like this. My Latitude e6230 also is problem free. My D630 was also trouble free until the quadro in it died (g84 chip set failure, common issue). My Lenovo t61? it also had no issues until late 2015 when its g84 Quadro GPU also failed.


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