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Problem on Dell Inspiron Laptop please help

i just bought a used dell inspiron laptop, the series is 1440 T-6500 core 2 duo.. but when i tried to start it before it enters the bios there's a warning that the battery is not detected well i guess only the battery is broken then not much problem but when i continued to the dekstop there's more problem than i could imagine

the laptop's os is win7 professional and it was not even genuine so i tried to reinstall the os using my genuine win7 ultimate disc but when i insert the cd to the dvd drive it was not detected!! tried using USB flash drive and it wasn't detected either, and i tried external optical drive too but again it is not detected. (even though it seems connected, i can open / close the disc tray and the light is on or beeping)

so i checked devmgmt.msc in the command but there's no problem at all, no error warning on the DVD drive and other usb ports... so i wonder why is everything not detected? i can't install anything like this

i have tried to run the optional boot in the bios (by pressing the F2) but when i selected boot via DVD Drive it just skips to the default win7 professional, so i assume the dvd drive is not detected too even in the bios?? what's the problem here?


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